Christina Aguilera Nipple Slip

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Christina Aguilera

We are all use to seeing Christina Aguilera’s huge boobs on ‘The voice’ and always think that within a second we’re going to see her boob jump out and say hello while revealing her huge nipples.

Unfortunately those big beasts are tames down but once in a while we get to get a peak at a rare Christina Aguilera nipple slip moment that we don’t get to see every day.

Let these sexy images sink in and just take a good look because these things don’t just come around every day.

The nipple picture was originally taken from this site, and the beautiful picture from the voice was taken from this site.



  1. Chris

    Christina aguilera you are a sexy goddess to me and i freekin love you and your humungous tits!
    I watch the voice just to stare at them…

  2. JEremy

    I’d do her any day of the week….

  3. tony

    You know she has a nipple ring??
    Can’t see it here though

  4. larry

    The cleavages she leaves for us viewers on the Voice leave no room for guessing any way…
    Leave some mistery!

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