Nicki Minaj Nip Slip

nicki minaj nip slip
Nicki Minaj
nicki minaj nicki side boob

Nicki Minaj the ex American Idol judge did it again. Nicki Minaj has big and full boobs and she loves showing them off. Some of the times her nipple gets in the way and we get a good ol’ Nicki Minaj Nip Slip. This specific nip slip (which is also an underboob and a side boob all wrapped into one) happened behind the scenes of the Ellen show while Nicki was getting ready and didn’t realize that her nipple popped out of place and was caught on cam.

Nicki Minaj has always been a “character”, i’m just happy that she is an eccentric one that shows off her boobs and nipples while she’s on the go.

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