Nicki Minaj Topless on Halloween

Nicki Minaj bdsm costume Nicki Minaj black and white Nicki Minaj booty Nicki Minaj closeup

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Nicki Minaj is one sexy MOFO and she uses those huge boobs of hers as marketing assets, as she should. She pulls them out and chance she gets as long as she feels it’s classy. Let me tell you this much, those boobs have tons of class in my book.

On this Halloween, Nicki Minaj went to a party and decided to dress up in some sort of BDSM costume while she ducked tapped her nipples with a black X, had fishnet stockings on, hooker boots and small pieces of leather holding that huge booty of hers. We have plenty of side boob pictures from this Halloween party and as usual – Nicki Minaj gave out her goods and we gobbled it up.

Thanks Nicki – We love you!

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